Hi there,  I am 

Jason Beckford

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do."


Personal Trainer


I've worked in fitness for the past 10 years, and been a qualified Personal Trainer or the last 7. After spending my earlier years in fitness working for what most people would describe as a "mainstream" gym, I became disillusioned with how little they actually cared about their members. Whether or not they turned up or made any progress was irrelevant, as long as they paid their monthly direct debit! 


So 2 years ago I made the decision with the backing of my friends and family to open a boutique fitness studio where the focus is on progression and results. 2 years later and so far so good. We've managed to create a really positive environment with a great bunch of people all moving in the right direction. And we're only just getting started!


Training philosophy

When it comes to training and nutrition I'm a massive believer that less is more. My coaching puts a greater emphasis on the basics, performing exercises with correct form, optimal time under tension, monitored rest periods, and progression. 


My nutrition plans are built with longevity in mind. No detoxing on 10 juices a day. No short term carb-less crash diets. I get my clients to eat slightly less calories than their bodies need on a consistent basis, and exercise regularly. It really is that simple!


To book a consultation with Jason or one of our trainers to find out which group sessions might suit you, or enquire about personal training.

Just drop us a message and we will get you in to discuss your training. We understand that your body is one of a kind, therefore your training and nutrition should be too.


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Areas of expertise

  • Muscular hypertrophy
  • Body fat reduction & weight management
  • Nutritional advice & planning
  • Group training 
  • Sports specific training

Types of clients I work with

I work with a wide range of clients, each with their own specific goals. The most common goal is improved body composition, with a reduction in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass. This is where my clients typically achieve the best results. I also have an extensive background coaching small groups of 2 or 3, and this is something I enjoy doing as the banter is always good fun!


What my clients say

Training with Jason has been great. He understood my goals and pushed me to achieve them in a way that you just cant do when training on your own. His motivation, and positive attitude to my own training means that I always look forward to our Pt sessions!



Expect Results you will see in the mirror, and that your friends will notice! Jay does not intimidate but encourages and pushes you to a place where you want to go. Always a varied training sessions, concentrating on different muscle groups each time. Always fun, plenty of healthy banter and lots of blood sweat and tears.



I have been attending Studio 234 since June 2017.  I have had help all the way though my fitness regime. Jay has worked out my eating plan (and made it sustainable), kept me focused when I have wanted to give up and improved my fitness levels and stamina. A huge thank you to him and his team.



After meeting so many disappointments in this industry I finally met an honest, fun, knowledgeable trainer in JB who challenges me and keeps me motivated. It’s just the beginning of my journey but I’m excited to see where we can get to and I couldn’t do it without him!



I have worked with a number of personal trainers during my fitness journey and none have proved more effective or knowledgeable than Jason. I have lost weight and gained lean muscle mass by working out and attending his classes. I always feel comfortable and excited to work out because of him, I always recommend him to friends, colleagues and family.




Hobbies & Interests

Unsurprisingly most of my hobbies and interests relate to sports and fitness! I like to keep up to date with all of the constant changes in the industry, so if I'm not at the gym I'm normally 



On a personal level, my greatest achievement is running the London marathon in 2015 and raising money for a great cause in the process. Outside of that, most of my achievements relate to my work. My proudest moment was handing one of my clients a 25kg plate last year and explaining that it was the same as the weight she had lost. That felt really good!


Favourite quote

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what others say you cannot do."







A unique experience that caters for all abilities.”

Jamie, Banstead - Small Groups







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