Hi there,  I am 

Glen John Jones

“When you think you are done, you are only at 40% of your body’s capabilities.”


Personal Trainer


Having been involved in the fitness industry since 2008, I have been extremely fortunate to have contributed towards many clients reaching their goals and beyond. My tenure in the industry involves experience across some of the most well known commercial gyms and sports supplement companies in the UK, as well as a stint ‘down under’ in Australia! 


Training philosophy

I believe that the modern world demands that our natural instincts and physiology is not used to its full potential. I seek to help you rediscover and enhance your lifestyle to its fullest. 


Simply put; my prerogative is to give you more energy and zing in every part of your day - including your work. 


I do this through utilising goal specific training and nutrition, realistically tailored to you… and with as little waffle and fluff as possible! Because lets face it, theres plenty of that to go around in the fitness industry isn't there?!


To book a consultation with Glen or one of our trainers to find out which group sessions might suit you, or enquire about personal training.

Just drop us a message and we will get you in to discuss your training. We understand that your body is one of a kind, therefore your training and nutrition should be too.


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Areas of expertise 

  • Core strength, movement and mobility 
  • Stamina and conditioning 
  • Body composition and plant based nutrition
  • Energy levels and corrective exercise 

(All goal specific) 


The type of clients I work with 

My clients are highly motivated in all aspects of their lives, yet patient and understanding of the process it may take to achieve their goals – they like to train smart, and take their goals seriously, but also like to smile and keep it jovial (where possible) along the way! 


I work with and strive for a wide range of clients, each with different personalities, different body types and different goals.


Previous and current clientele varies from those who are new to training, who would like to lose weight and tone up for example, to your competitive Ironman, who is looking to qualify for the World Championships in a few years time.


What my clients say

I've been training with Glen for over a year now and I honestly couldn't have made a better choice. He has continued to encourage, motivate and guide me into leading a healthier lifestyle. What I love most is that Glen listens and tailors the workouts to keep them fun but also effective, so that we can work towards my goals together. I've never felt more at ease and honestly could not recommend Glen at Studio 234 enough (and this is coming from someone who used to dread exercising!). I will follow him wherever he goes, and I am so glad it led me to Studio 234. It's the kind of place that feels like a family rather than a gym, it truly is an incredible place with incredible people running it! The best decision I've made was to leave a chain and join 234, it harbours such a collaborative and uplifting environment that you could never be bored of - plus the changing disco lights are AMAZE! - go check them out!



I've worked in the fitness industry and trained all my adult life. I've had various trainers in all types of settings from those coming to my home to specific sports and group exercise classes. 

l was convinced I had limitations and old injuries that would forever restrict my progress however, training with Glen at the studio has opened new doors and taken my training to the next level. I'm now achieving new things and have a sense of satisfaction I have never felt before. Every session is undoubtedly fine tuned for my individual enjoyment, specific goals and development. And I'm constantly taking away new things to inject into my own training away from our training together. I'm always left wondering what I might be achieving in the next session! Personable, private and professional. The most efficient training I have ever been fortunate enough to be enjoying. 



Without trying to sound too cheesy, but deciding to start Personal Training with Glen is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only have I achieved 2 promotions at work, which I am convinced is down to my better energy levels, but my strength, mobility and core has never been better. When we first met 3 years ago I was in a bit of a rut with my nutrition, training and lifestyle. Now I look back, I cant believe how unhealthy was back then! Glen is always pushing me in every session to be better than the last, and if I ever feel myself going off track, he puts me on the straight and narrow almost instantaneously and always seems to have the answers! I cannot recommend Personal Training with him highly enough. 



We decided to start personal training to get in shape for our wedding. Glen understood exactly what we wanted to achieve and came up with a workout and nutrition plan for us in order to achieve it. We have been so happy with the results, that we have continued way beyond our wedding! The workouts are always well structured for the both of our goals, challenging and enjoyable. We would definitely recommend training with Glen at Studio 234 (and already have!) 

Jonny and Sally 


I started training with Glen at the end of 2016 and I have seen lots of benefits from having these sessions. I used to suffer with chronic neck and lower back pain which I no longer get thanks to the kind of training I have been doing with Glen. I really look forward to my weekly sessions as it's something different each week and I always feel so much better in myself once I have finished our training! Glen is also always very supportive and very professional.



Hobbies and interests 

When not training my clients, I enjoy endurance sports such as swimming, cycling and running. For strength work, I enjoy indoor bouldering and training myself at Studio 234 covering all things fitness. If I'm due to compete in an upcoming event, my training regime will become more intense and specific to the task at hand and this will ultimately shape my routine, including my nutrition. 

Other favourite pastimes include walking whilst listening to podcasts/audiobooks. I have also just finished writing my first non-fictional book! Due for release Spring 2019. 



Ask me when the book is a best seller! Only joking, besides the many different achievements that I share with my clients when they reach their goals, I also regularly set my own goals to drive me forward and hold myself accountable to reach them.


For example, in 2017 I was aiming to come in the top 5% overall at the Reebok Spartan Beast, Edinburgh 2017. I ended up coming 2nd out of around 1000 participants. I also ran my first competitive Trail Marathon and came 1st overall in my age category. 


Rarely am I ever satisfied with my own personal achievements though, as I always want to do better in some form or another and set another goal right away to go that little bit further! Upcoming events for 2019 include: London Marathon, numerous Triathlons, a Half Ironman, and a trail Ultra Marathon. 


Favourite quote 

“When you think you are done, you are only at 40% of your body’s capabilities.”

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