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Adam Chadwick

"To Fail is to Succeed - Never stop Failing - Always Succeed"


Personal Trainer


With over 12 years experience in the health & fitness industry, I have worked with a vast array of clientele all with very different personal goals and life journeys. My career roles includes, Personal Training, Private Gym Manager, Sports Massage Therapist, Class Instructor and Nutritional Coach. 


Training philosophy

I personally believe that all health and fitness goals are achieved through focusing on three main objectives; Nutrition, Condition and Lifestyle. When all of these components are installed into our daily and weekly routines - we succeed every day! Firstly no goal is fully achieved without the correct nutrition routine, this is the most important, love food! Condition is paramount for any physical training objective - we can't train to our upmost with injuries. Sports Massage is a great therapy to aid in condition, I use massage with the majority of my clients to keep them on track. Lifestyle, this includes; sleep patterns, stress levels, time management and planning. I base all my clients goals around these principals. Whichever your goal may be ;Weight Loss, Core, Health, Strength, Flexibility, I can give you the tools and knowledge to succeed.


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Just drop us a message and we will get you in to discuss your training. We understand that your body is one of a kind, therefore your training and nutrition should be too.


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Areas of expertise 

I like to specialise in conditioning. I find a body with functional strength, correct posture, strong core and flexibility can generally take on all health and fitness challenges. Our bodies are very intelligent - they adapt, learn and improve.


The type of clients I work with

I believe that a happy client is one that is confident in any fitness environment. Confidence is key to consistency and consistency means results. My clientele all train for various targets which include; weight loss, muscle gain, strength gain, Sports performance, conditioning, posture, muscle tension relief and flexibility. 


What my clients say

Adam has been my personal trainer for about a year. He is great fun, enthusiastic and very encouraging which really helps with my training and he knows just the right times to push me harder so I get the most out of our sessions. He has fantastic subject knowledge which has taught me a lot about how to train best and has used his knowledge to provide me with a healthy eating plan that takes into account my personal needs and situation. Through our sessions he has really supported me to develop my fitness and an enjoyment for exercise, which I am now incorporating into my weekly routine and will hopefully be lifelong.



Adam has helped me smash through many PB’s with bespoke training plans focussed on my ever-changing goals.  Previous to PT my running suffered due to hip flexor issues so I’m absolutely pumped to be running competitively again for the first time in years without issue.  I’d never strength trained prior to Adam’s sessions and have experienced massive PB’s here too such as 100kg deadlift! Other highlights include mastering traversing monkey bars & carrying atlas stones. He will push you and challenge every step of the way, giving tonnes of good advice which you ignore at your peril.   In a nutshell, whatever your goals, Adam understands what you want to achieve and is very motivated and dedicated to getting you there!



Two PT sessions with Adam a week for the last two years has changed my life - I'm leaner, stronger and healthier than I've ever been. Couldn't do without them - mentally or physically!



When I started PT with Adam I was primarily a runner who didn’t do any weights. Adam designed a programme to improve my running by focusing on power and explosives using free-weights. This in conjunction with a stretching programme he designed massively improved my running. When I suffered an injury, and had to take 6 months of running adapted the programme to assist rehab and work on underlying strength. This ensured that when I could start running again I was less likely to sustain injury and didn’t suffer from a massive performance loss. During this period, I also received sports massages from him. Having Adam as a PT and masseurs allowed him to deliver a fully holistic approach to my training and rehab. His approach now means not only am I runner, but I can perform all the major weightlifting exercises safely and this has improved my all round fitness.



Hobbies and interests

Without a doubt, my hobbies are all related to my training! I like to challenge my body in different sports, and types of fitness training. Strength & Conditioning training is usually key to all my training. Training has been part of my life from my childhood and it will never leave me. 



I have accomplished a variety of goals and targets within my career including charity events and competitive sports, predominantly football.

I think my role in the industry allows me to keep my clients achieving, this helps me to push myself and thriving to learn every day which enables me to achieve!


Favourite Quote

'To Fail is to Succeed - Never stop Failing - Always Succeed'

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