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Does exactly what it says on the tin. High intensity interval training with an emphasis on fat burning. Using your bodyweight to get the job done, as well our state of the art equipment including a Concept 2 Skierg, Concept 2 Indoor Rower, Watt Bike, and Assault Bike. We also utilise boxing, slam balls and battleropes into these sessions. 45mins.



Our trademark circuit. A full body session with an emphasis on pushing you to the best of your current conditioning, whilst utilising any of the equipment in the gym that we choose. This may include Barbells, Resistance banded, Kettlebells, TRX, Dumbbells and many more. You will be ‘beasted’, but in a good way! 45mins.



Picture a more functional Beast session combined with Hiit Squad. The focus is on improving your core strength through unconventional exercises and burning as much fat as possible at the same time. Each session will come with its own themed personal best challenge for you to beat! 45 mins.



A boxing based circuit that focuses on pad work and bag work to burn the calories. Improve technique and learn new combinations weekly. 45mins.



A resistance based session utilising free weights, cable machines, resistance bands, kettle bells, and body weight exercises. Increase muscle strength, boost your self confidence, improve your body image and your mood.


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studio timetable

offering personal training and goal specific small group



06:00 - HIIT SQUAD
10:15 - TONE UP
18:15 - HIIT SQUAD
19:15 - LEVEL UP



10:15 - BOXHIIT



06:30 - HIIT SQUAD
10:15 - TONE UP
18:15 - THE BEAST
19:15 - HIIT SQUAD



18:15 - BOXHIIT



10:15 - TONE UP

18:15 - THE BEAST



10:15 - HIIT SQUAD

11:15 - LEVEL UP



10:15 - THE BEAST

11:15 - BOXHIIT










All the things I look for in a gym“

Tracy, Wallington 










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