we are not a gym

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We are not a gym

NO CONTRACTS! - We are driven by your RESULTS, and not your MONEY, so for that reason we will not be tying ANYONE down to a 12 month contract. 

When you start with us you will receive a 234 NUTRITION PLAN as standard, as well as a starting and ending ADVANCED BODY-STAT TESTING at weeks 1, 3 and 6. This will cover any improvements made to your total body fat % as well as other measurements. We won't be charging for the “extras".


To book a consultation with one of our trainers to find out which group sessions might suit you, or enquire about personal training.

Just drop us a message and we will get you in to discuss your training. We understand that your body is one of a kind, therefore your training and nutrition should be too.


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Small Group Training

Small, goal specific group training sessions coached on a maximum 1:12 ratio. Each session will come with its own emphasis, and having a 1 trainer to 12 participant ratio will ensure that you're doing the right exercises required to reach your own personal goal. Whilst we could squeeze a few more in, the limited capacity allows us to stay attentive to your form and technique, ensuring that you're not just a number. 



PAYG = £12 per session


6 session = £60 


18 sessions = £150


Spin only membership = £35 per month 

*unlimited access to spin


Limitless membership = £90 per month 

*unlimited access to all sessions including spin 



Personal Training

1-1 sessions with one of our experienced trainers, with the sole aim of achieving your goals in the shortest amount of time possible. You'll receive a personalised training plan, nutrition plan and unlimited support and advice.

£40 per session (1 hour)  


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is used to manage and reduce soft tissue tension and tightness over the whole body.
Different massage types and techniques encourage many varied positive effects not only on the human body but also the mind. Sports Massage focuses on deep tissue release where holistic forms of massage are great for stress reduction

Some specific benefits of massage include;
- Tension headaches
- Joint discomfort
- Body Relaxation
- Range of movement
- Flushing Excess Lactic Acid
- Lower Stress Levels
- Injury Pre/Rehab
- Reduction of toxic waste
- Increase oxygen flow and circulation
- Posture Faults
- Whiplash

£50 - 60minutes
£75 - 90minutes









Can't wait for the next session.”

Sophie, Worcester Park 











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